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So I’ve been trudging along

But I have been doing quite well in spite of myself.

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Part of me is pissy about it ONLY being 1 pound a week.  But really dude, I’m not tracking, I’m at least hitting 1 exercise day per week, and I am watching what I eat.  I know that when I did do 3 work outs it equaled 2.5 pounds down.

I haven’t either budgeted time to allow for it, I give in and say that I should take a night off to relax, or I drown myself in work. So the extra 1.5 is up to me. And I am choosing to not beat myself up over it. Dude if I can keep 1 pound a week going, next year this time: I’d be 233lbs.  I would kill for that.

So here goes…tick tick tick


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