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So my brain is a bit broken

I was gonna say “lately”, but that’s a bold faced lie. And we’re not here for that are we?

There are things I KNOW I have to do, should do…and my damn brain plays keep away with my attention. The worst part us it adds stress, self doubt, and really screws with my timelines at work.

I hope I work through this…right now it’s uber stressful- like the hubby asking me to quit my job stressful – and to be truthful I’m not sure what the split is for the ratio of blame between me and a very disorganized company. Both parties are totally at fault. Grr.

Here’s hoping to some focus. And that I stop peeling my scalp off. (#1 stress reliever after spending money)

I should also add: this is week 9 of the goriest period of my life. I can’t wait to not have to wear black bottoms. Hrumph


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