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That was a pricey year…
Joe bought a new house
I refi’d the old
Joe sank his Subaru & bought a Volt
The Mitsubishi Eclipse died on dad, so he gets the cruiser & I got the newest car I’ve ever had: 2012 Ford Flex

We did a lot of construction on the new house: full bath in the basement- where no bath was. Dry walling to repair past flood damage. Plumbing out the yin yang to prevent flooding( like 20k worth). A few new windows- as much as we paid for the Cruiser. Paint, paint and more paint after the floors were refinished. Appliances washer, dryer, 2 refrigerators and a hot water tank and a boiler. ( every time we bought for the new house, the old would go kaput. The fridges were 3 days apart, and the boiler/ water heater 1 day).

Life is funny that way.

I got to buy drapes & rods, cause I am weird. A retro microwave. We bought a great living room set. Dad’s new bed is being delivered on the 3rd…and I almost forgot the recliners! Jason & Joey think they are awesome, even if they do cost as much as 2 iPads each.

I found a better fit for a Chiro & got Joe to go. I did a baseline stress test, and yet another mamm. I did neuro testing with the shrink to find out I am wicked smart, but have NO short term memory.
Invested heavily in Sam’s health: $1,300 in the last week on 2013.

I did school. Switched through 3 jobs.

But the cool thing, to me, I paid down 7k of credit card debt. One day that will be history, I’ll get back to an 18, I’m aiming for 24 for now. Decatur will be turned around…and I won’t be hand to mouth for ever.
The next 6 months will be intense:
Packing up Decatur
Doing 2 classes
Impressing the bank so they want to keep me
Working on small health changes
Getting Sam healthy.

No small list, but I’m not so small myself.


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