I have food issues.

I have emotional issues that I prefer to solve ignore using food.

These are my rants about food, emotions, and vampires.


Folks often ask me: What’s with all the dead people?

All my favorite tv shows, books, movies – all dead people, all the time.

Why is that? I was raised with a very open understanding of death. I also, through no fault of my parents, have an irrational fear of abandonment. Yea Vampires! Folks can still die and you don’t have to loose them. Shit they even loose all of their illnesses. There is nothing but win for loved ones who are around forever in a relatively healthy state.

So yes, a big part of vampires is my fear of commitment. If  you accept that someone has died and they are never coming back – that’s a commitment.  Not  a Fan – as my morning barista would say…

So that’s my fascination with vampires.

Why Sookie & Eric?

Sookie has always sought to be normal, despite the fact she never will be. Sometimes I feel like that. I can’t read your mind & shit, but I can work through some pretty scary situations with ease & grace.  I’ve always wanted to be normal. I almost never feel like I am.  Don’t know if it’s in my head or not.  Much of life has been in pursuit of attaining status markers of normalcy. Princess square peg round hole here often will fight things into the ground to fit into what I view as normal.  The irony is while I don’t feel that I am normal, I also don’t think I am truly special. Knock off the Awwwww. I am always trying to figure out what is my mad skill. What can I do better than them all?  Dunno.  Still working on it.


Why Eric?

Um, Have you seen a pic of AS? Helloooo Nurse!

That aside, the character clicks with me. He has to be tough as nails to survive and protect those he cares about.  He has to keep the real him locked away in order to do that. It isn’t until a weird happenstance that he realizes that by keeping himself shielded he also pushed others away.  Been there, done that.  No really.  I just didn’t have a witch involved. As part of the normalcy plan – I always kept my self guarded.  I slowly let that out more so now.


Neither has issues with food, but both characters have issues with emotions & commitment.

Why not?


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